Combination Bets

Betting multiple times

This type of betting strategy is a combination of 2 Martingale single bets played simultaneously. So for example you could run a Martingale system on the red and odd betting pockets simultaneously.

What you do is you kick  off with a bet of 1 on each the red and the odd (or you can do the black and even). You treat each bet as a seperate roulette bet. When one bet loses, you double it as you would on a standard Martingale.

When one bet wins, you set the bet level back to 1. The reason that this system keeps you in the running for so long is that there is almost a 25% probability of you winning BOTH the red and the odd and there is almost a 50% chance that you will break even (where you win one bet and lose the other). As with all Martingale systems, in order for this method to last, you would need an unlimited source of money and an unlimited betting limit. 

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